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Class 8’s trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum

On the 13th of July 2017, Class 8 visited The Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda.  It was a long journey but it was worth the wait!  At the museum we attended a Roman classroom and we were taught by a hologram!  The artefacts helped us understand what Roman soldiers looked like when they went to war.  They fought with spears and daggers that were very sharp and cruel looking.  At Vindolanda we met an archaeologist who talked us through how they identify the things they find.  They knew we were standing in the butchers shop because they had found knives and bones of different animals.  Whilst we were there they found a coin called a minimus.  It was a great time which everybody enjoyed.  Finally, Mr Duffy and Mrs Morley let us go to the gift shop with £5.00 to buy souvenirs of our choice.  A super trip that we will all remember for a long time!

Vindolanda 1  Vindolanda 2  Vindolanda 3  Vindolanda 4

ANOTHER win for the boy’s school football team!



JRSO Report

Today our road safety officers teamed up with our local constable to remind parents and carers of the danger of speeding next to a school.  It was a huge success as everyone slowed down when they saw our super team! Well done to all involved for keeping our children safe.

Road Safety 1  Road Safety 2  Road Safety 3